Sony Xperia Z3 Plus - Overview

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1. Charging light/Notification light
2. Front camera lens
3. Ear speaker
4. Proximity/Light sensor
5. Second microphone
6. Power key
7. Volume/Zoom key
8. Camera key
9. Main microphone/Speaker
10. Charger/USB cable port

11. Strap hole
12. Main Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna area
13. Main camera lens
14. Camera light
15. GPS antenna area
16. Headset jack*
17. Second Wi-Fi antenna area
18. Nano SIM/Memory card slot cover
19. NFC™ detection area

Your device supports headsets with a standard 3.5 mm 3-pin or 5-pin headphone plug. The

headset jack also supports 4-pin plugs so long as the headphone plug uses the CTIA